Module 2

Module 2 is a computer based assessment, comprising case studies based on real life situations that you’re likely to encounter in your day to day life working as a driver. The test examines your ability to apply knowledge to work based driving situations. Questions are delivered in a number of formats such as multiple choice, a requirement to click on an area of a photograph or by typing in a short answer. Candidates are provided with online training to prepare for the test.

Module 4

Module 4 is a practical test that demonstrates your ability to keep the vehicle safe and secure while also ensuring your own personal safety. You may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of when and how to use load tensioning bars, chain tensioners, ratchet unit and chains along with the use of ropes. You may be asked about various scenarios such as how you would prevent criminality, the trafficking of illegal substances and stowaways, how you would handle emergency situations and how you can minimise physical risks. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of your daily maintenance checks by carrying out a physical walk round vehicle safety check. Candidates are provided with a comprehensive set of scenarios to study at home and then receive practical training on the day of the test.

Book your Initial CPC

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Once you have completed your Initial CPC you will enter a five-year period, over which you must complete a further five days of classroom based training known as the Periodic CPC in order to continue driving for a living.