Transport Manager Operator CPC Courses - Transport Manager CPC Examination Structure

Transport Manager CPC Exam Structure

Anyone wishing to operate goods vehicles for hire and reward both in the UK and abroad must obtain a standard international operator’s licence. To meet the professional competence requirements contained in the legislation a new entrant must gain the Operators’ Certificate of Professional Competence. You gain your Operator CPC Transport Manager qualification by passing the following exams:

  1. Road haulage multiple choice
  2. Road haulage case study

Multiple Choice Exam

The multiple-choice exam consists of 60 questions. Students have up to 2 hours to complete the exam. The exam is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of basic facts covered across the course subject. The pass mark is normally 42.

Case Study Exam

This exam lasts for two and a quarter hours and candidates are permitted to take paper-based reference material into the exam (also known as ‘open book’). Candidates are given information about a transport company; they must read and analyse the information. They are then asked to answer around 6 questions relating to the company. Whilst there are no absolutes, generally 50% of the paper is spent on three core areas Operator Licensing, Drivers’ Hours (Scheduling) and Vehicle Costing. The other 50% of the exam is less predictable and selects topics from other areas of the syllabus.