HGV Training - Yard Shunter

Yard Shunter Courses

A yard shunter is responsible for moving heavy goods vehicles around their company’s yard or off-road premises. A yard shunter will also be in charge of coupling and uncoupling trailers which needs to be done in a safe and controlled manner. A yard shunter must work safely so that other people avoid being hurt and vehicles are not damaged.

Our courses for yard shunters will give you the skills and knowledge which you will need to carry out your job. We will teach you the theory and the practice of safely manoeuvring vehicles around the yard or other off-road areas.

On our course, you will learn about:

  • the vehicle and its equipment
  • pre-use inspection and checks
  • coupling and uncoupling
  • driving techniques
  • slow speed manoeuvring
  • blind spots
  • loading bays and confined spaces
  • parking
  • general safety precautions
  • site-specific safety policies
  • your responsibility for keeping yourself and others safe

We deliver the course at your company’s premises for a maximum of three candidates. The course is half a day to 2 days long – this depends on the number of people, their driving experience and the difficulty of the role.