HGV Training - Banksman Training

Onsite Banksman Training Courses

The role of a banksman is an important one. They are responsible for people’s safety as they direct vehicles in the workplace, making sure the vehicles load and unload safely. Almost a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur when a vehicle is reversing so the banksman is the ‘eyes and ears’ of the driver. That is why it is vital to receive thorough training.

Our courses at Enterprise are designed to give you the skills you need to work safely with others in the workplace. This includes knowing the dangers of reversing large vehicles in an enclosed space and the hand signals used to guide drivers. We will teach you both the theory and the practice of working as a banksman.

On our course, you will learn about:

  • the role of the driver and the banksman when reversing
  • the causes and costs of accidents
  • danger areas for reversing vehicles
  • legal duties (Health and Safety at Work Act)
  • action checklists
  • vehicle manoeuvring activities
  • using HSG136 standard code of signals
  • physical measures and exclusion zones

We deliver our course at your company premises so that you can learn in familiar surroundings. The course is half a day to two days long – this depends on the number of people, their experience and the complexity of the role.

Call the office on 0161 273 4353 to discuss your requirements or to book your course.