Forklift Training - Forklift Course Types

Forklift Course Types

Which FLT Course Do I Need?

Novice, Experienced or Refresher?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Section 2 requires that employers ensure “safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances”. PUWER Regulation 9 requires employers to provide refresher training as and when necessary.

Course Overview

The content and duration of Fork Lift Truck training courses are dependent on the ability and previous experience of individual candidates. Courses can be split into five categories: Novice, Experienced, Refresher, Conversion and Attachments. Please note, the course duration stipulated below is based upon the candidate to instructor ratios of 3:1. Course duration may be shorter when fewer people are attending.

Novice Forklift Operator


Up to 5 days (dependent on the number of course attendees).

Suitable for:

Anyone with no previous experience of driving a Fork Lift Truck.


Age 16 or above. No previous experience required.

Experienced Forklift Operator


Up to 3 days (dependent on the number of course attendees).

Suitable for:

For those who wish to formalise their experience for Health and Safety requirements or who wish to gain a qualification that is transferable to other sites and recognised by future employers.

Note ‘In House’ training may provide site-specific competence. However, the individual cannot transfer the ‘In House’ training unless RTITB accredited. If the individual wishes to change site or employer, he /she will need to be retrained.


Candidate must have a letter from a previous employer or ‘In House’ certificate as proof of experience and therefore suitability to attend.

Refresher Forklift Course


1 day.

Suitable for:

Anyone that is experienced in driving and has a certificate from an accrediting body and is seeking to renew their licence.

Refresher courses must be taken every 3 years or less following the initial novice course.


Must hold a certificate to operate from a recognised accrediting body (ITSSAR, RTITB, IPAF, CITB).