Driving Lessons - Driving Lessons

All our driving training takes place out of our centre in Manchester, M40 7FS.

We operate a modern fleet of 20 vehicles, 7 days a week ranging from trailer towing (Cat B+E) to articulated vehicles (Cat C+E). Various courses are running every week for the following licenses:

  • B+E – Trailer Towing
  • C1 – 7.5 Tonne
  • C1+E – 7.5 Tonne & Trailer
  • C – LGV2 (Rigid)
  • C+E – LGV1 (Articulated)

Generally, tests are Monday – Friday, but occasionally weekend tests are available at a premium of £26.

Courses are usually delivered in 4-hour lessons across 4 or 5 days. The final lesson will include the driving test.

Driving lessons and tests recommenced mid-July with Covid-19 safety procedures in place. Candidates will be advised of the procedures and will be required to comply at all times.