CPC Training - Driver CPC Card

Driver CPC Card

The Driver Qualification Card

The Driver Qualification Card is sometimes called a DQC and often just the Driver CPC Card or Driver Card. The DQC is issued automatically by DVLA upon completing 35 hours Periodic CPC Training or passing Initial CPC Module 4.

Driver Qualification Card Following Periodic CPC Training

Accredited trainers must upload the Periodic Training Hours with 5 working days of the training course ending. Once DVLA's computer sees that a candidate has completed 35 hours of training it automatically sends out a DQC. It will use the candidate address details it has on file highlighting the need for candidates to notify DVLA promptly upon moving house. It is not possible for a training organisation to arrange for the driver card to be delivered to an alternative address.

Driver Qualification Card Following Initial CPC Training

Module 4 test results are uploaded to DVLA's computer by the examiner. This automatically triggers the issuing of a DQC, provided the candidate has previously obtained a vocational entitlement. If the candidate has completed the initial CPC training in advance of passing a Module 3b (On Road Driving) test, the driver card will not be issued until the Module 3b is passed.