Do I need an Operator CPC?

If you hold, or are looking to hold, a Standard National or Standard International Operator’s Licence you will need a transport manager. The transport manager could be you or another person. Anyone who is, or wants to be, a transport manager will need to hold an Operator Certificate of Professional Competence (Operator CPC)

I’ve not been in a classroom for years – will I be able to do it?

We have people from all walks of life on our courses – from school leavers to experienced haulage operators. Our course concentrates on teaching you how to pass the exam and we give you as much support as you need to help you to do this.

Which is the best study option for me?

This depends on you and your circumstances. The intensive course offers a clear structure, with instructor support and guidance. You will improve your exam technique, through constant practice and detailed feedback. If you can’t spare time from your work, the distance learning and home study courses are ideal for you. However, you need to be more self-motivated and disciplined in your studies.

Do I have to do the case study and the multiple choice exam on the same day?

No! Some training providers still insist on you sitting both exams on the same day because it is an easier option for them. This means that you have to focus both on the key areas such as costings for the case study whilst having an in depth knowledge of each of the topics for the multiple choice exam. You also have to wait 6 weeks for your multiple choice exam results. Our method is much better! Each candidate receive access to our online question bank and, when you are confident that you are ready, you choose a time to take your multiple choice exam. The centres are ‘e-testing’ venues which run the multiple choice exams every week. As soon as you finish the exam, you will receive your result, so there is no waiting around!

What can I take into the exam?

The case study exam is ‘open book’. You can take in your manual and other printed material as long as it is kept in a file. You need a calculator as you will not be allowed to use your mobile phone. Your manual cannot be taken into the multiple choice exam.

What is the pass mark for the exam?

The pass mark for the case study exam is usually 30, although this varies slightly from year to year. The multiple choice exam pass mark is 42.

Where can I find past papers?

You can find past case study papers at Our online portal provides unlimited multiple choice question practice and is available at a cost of £90.00.

When will I find out my results?

OCR send the case study results to the centres 6 weeks after each exam. Our Exams Officer will phone you to give you your results. You receive your multiple choice exam results, as soon as you have finished the test.

Why does it take so long to find out the case study results?

Taking the Operator CPC examination is like sitting your GCSEs or O Levels at school. External examiners mark your papers and pass them on to a senior examiner for checking. The senior examiners will then decide on the pass mark for that paper. This process takes time so that is why you have to wait 6 weeks for your results.

What happens if I don’t pass the case study?

If you feel that you did well enough to pass, we can request your script back. We will review it for you at no extra cost and advise you whether we believe that you should appeal against the result.