HIAB training courses teach drivers to load and offload the platform to which the HIAB crane is attached. This is generally a lorry hence the name of Lorry Mounted Loader. This HIAB can be operated by way of either lever controls on the vehicle or through use of a remote console.

Candidates on HIAB training courses gain a deep understanding of HIAB crane operation, obtain experience on both remote controls and levers and most importantly learn the importance of correct operation for both their safety and the general public.

Our HIAB courses are ITSSAR accredited. ITSSAR are a HSE accredited training organisation – ensuring you receive the best quality training.

HIAB Candidates will receive a mixture of theory and practical training which will involve:

  • Legislation
  • Introduction to Loader Crane
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Maintenance Instruction
  • Lifting Equipment/Attachments
  • Siting the Loader Crane
  • Deployment of Stabiliser Legs
  • Use of Controls
  • Preparing the Loader Crane for use
  • Operating the Loader Crane
  • Stowing Procedure
  • Theory and Practical Assessment
  • Final Administration and Candidate Feedback

Successful Lorry Loader course candidates are entered onto the National Register and receive an operator certificate and ID badge.