Our organisation boasts 8 qualified ADR instructors enabling us to satisfy the most demanding of customer requirements. Four of the instructors hold the more advanced Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) qualification enabling them to both train DGSA candidates or act as a Specialist Consultant.

We offer a regular programme of ADR courses at 4 of our venues as well as delivering on-site training.

DGSA courses are held quarterly at our Manchester centre.


From running our first courses in 1999 to prepare candidates for the 1st January 2000 introduction of the DGSA regulations, the Enterprise Group of Companies have an established reputation for the delivery of dangerous goods training.

Our bespoke training course is structured to guide candidates from ‘zero knowledge’ to ‘very confident’ within the initial 4 day course.

Our Approach Is Simple & Delivers Results

Remember – DGSA training is not about learning knowledge and remembering facts because all the knowledge and facts are in the books you take into the exam.

It’s all about giving you the skills to understand what the examiner is asking for and then to logically retrieve the answer from the manuals.

Telephone directories used to be thicker than ADR manuals but once the structure was understood and with a little practice the general public managed to use them to extract the information they required!

Admittedly, the information contained within the ADR books is a little more detailed. Our job as trainers is to make you feel as comfortable finding out how a chemical should be packaged, labelled and transported as you would be looking up the number for a local restaurant.


Weekday ADR courses are held regularly at our Manchester, Warrington, Birmingham and Leeds classrooms. The Warrington venue also offers weekend training courses.

Any driver involved in the transport of dangerous goods within the UK and Europe is required, by law, to hold an ADR Driver Training Certificate. A certificate can be obtained for packaged goods, tanks, or both and is valid for 5 years.

All our courses are offered at competitive prices and can count for up to 28 hours of periodic CPC training, making them an economical choice for any driver. Whether taking an ADR course for the first time or renewing your certificate, our SQA approved courses are perfectly suited to your needs.

Courses are held every month and cater for both initial and refresher training. The full 5-day course covers core, 7 classes, packages and tanks. A shorter (3.5 day) course is also available, excluding the tanks module. Candidates must pass multiple choice exams in core, all classes and packaged goods or tanks in order to gain their certificate.

On-site training can be arranged for clients with sufficient candidate numbers.